I AM ART is a program of Athentikos that gathers artists and at-risk youth to explore personal stories together, process pain through creative arts, and resolve conflict through God’s greater story of redemption.

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I AM ART is a 10 day trip to transform pain into purpose through creative arts.

Do you paint, write, draw, dance, sculpt, sew, act, sing, perform, etc?

Do you have creative media skills in video, audio, or photography?

Your passion will make a difference through I AM ART.

The 10 day I AM ART trip includes:

  • 2 days of team building and creative exploration
  • 5 days of teaching workshops at an art camp
  • Art Show with the community
  • Sight seeing

You don’t have to be a professional.

Athentikos will equip you to teach creative workshops to at-risk children, and document transformational stories in photo and video.

  • Bring your skills, and passion to use them with purpose.
  • Invite your friends and join the journey of transformation.
  • Connect to the greater story, exercising the gifts you love!
I AM ART Se Luz 2016 Team
What is I Am Art?

What is I Am Art?

I AM ART initiative enriches the lives of at-risk children by using creative arts to show them the power of their true potential. Our vibrant collective of artists helps kids discover the uniqueness of who they are in God's greater story, and unlock the possibilities of what they can be. Everyone can dream. Everyone has a story. Everyone is art. With I AM ART, our goal is to help each child find the art within so they can change the way they view the world around them. This changes their course. This changes their community. This changes EVERYTHING.

Why Creative Arts?

Why Creative Arts?

Creative Arts have the power to change lives. Art can relieve stress, build self-esteem, give career skills, provide therapeutical healing, develop relationships and amplify the voice of at-risk communities.

Athentikos invests in Creative Arts to:

Empower at-risk youth to value their story and dream beyond their current circumstances.

Foster the artists’ compassion, creativity, and purpose by connecting them with communities in need.

Inspire long-term mentoring relationships

How does I Am Art work?

How does I Am Art work?

Athentikos strategically partners with local organizations around the world that have ongoing relationships with at-risk youth. We provide leadership, curriculum, creative mentoring, funding, and planning for creative workshops. I Am Art connects creative artists from the US with artists from other countries to form faculty for I Am Art projects.

When does I Am Art take place?

When does I Am Art take place?

I AM ART trips take place a various times during the year and are chosen specifically to align with openings in the calendars of our partner organizations. I AM ART Trips are 10 days long, with an optional 3 day excursion at the end of the trip.

Where does I Am Art take place?

Where does I Am Art take place?

Athentikos began I Am Art in Guatemala after producing the Reparando documentary and developing relationships with organizations serving at-risk communities. Currently, Athentikos is exploring the potential to collaborate with organizations around the world to empower at-risk communities through the power of creative arts.

Contact us if you're interested in bringing I Am Art to your community.



I AM ART camps are designed for youth between the ages of 9-18. The total number of youth at a camp can vary. Each workshop typically teaches 8-15 youth.

I AM ART Team Members are very diverse in age and talents. You don't have to be a professional artist to participate. You just need to want to make a difference. You don't have to lead a workshop - teams need assistants and story tellers to capture the story. Want to help, but don't consider yourself creative? I AM ART Teams also need logistics coordinators to keep things running smoothly.


I AM ART equips artists to use creativity as mission and empowers at-risk communities through creative arts. In the I AM ART model, at-risk communities include both the youth AND the artist. It is obvious why abused and impoverished youth are at-risk. What is less obvious, is that creatives often live in a unique risk of their own.

Artists are visionaries who see things invisible to others. In addition, they’re often driven to create projects that will likely never be as glorious as first imagined in the mind, because the creative mind is not bound by limitations of reality. This can lead to unhealthy creativity if left undisciplined. Unhealthy creativity breeds insecurity and mistrust that ultimately disconnects artists from community. It’s a negative spiral that unfortunately destroys many creative artists.

Athentikos mentors artists and at-risk youth through healthy creativity that includes:

  • Viewing our lives as “Beautiful Art of the Great I Am”

  • Evaluating and releasing afflictions through a process that helps repair the broken pieces  of life

  • Participating in a greater story of purpose

  • Developing diverse transformational creative communities that breathe hope, purpose, and life in both directions

Athentikos I AM ART Magazine


The benefit of I AM ART is not all fun and games (although there is nothing wrong with a kid having fun for a week). People want to build things. I’m not going to diminish the benefit of helping a ministry build a new house or build a new office complex. But, the most important thing that can be built is a new heart. Athentikos I AM ART rebuilds a child’s heart. It may be harder to measure than how many hundreds of pounds of concrete that we pour, but the impact is huge. It’s a way for the girls to regain their humanity. The girls came from very dark, ugly places, and I AM ART is often the first time they’ve done something beautiful in their lives. It’s a huge boost to their identity of who they are in Jesus. Their body is reclaimed. It’s not stained by what others did to them. And, they can start to realize they’re chosen for something different than their past.

I AM ART impacts our kids and staff, and it’s worth every penny we invest in it. I’m running a home and have responsibility for a hundred kids, and I AM ART is an investment that I love. Athentikos is a big a part of our ministry. It’s a ministry worth your prayers and encouragement, and, it’s certainly worthy of your financial support.

– Corbey Dukes, Director of Oasis Home For Girls, Guatemala

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