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Last night when I stared to go to bed, after everyone else, for some reason my key wouldnt work. I would turn the lock and it would just keep turning. Over and over again, Click, Click, Click, Click. This clicking woke the Hotel clerk and he tried helping me. He couldnt get it either. So, I wasnt crazy or simple machine deficient. So, we stared talking, me in my broken Spanish and he in his broken English, about how to get into the room. He suggested I sleep in another room. I told him I had to leave in the morning by 7:45. So, we devised a plan.
I had left the bathroom window open. I climbed up on the table below my window. I was too broad to fit through the window…but he wasnt. So he tried climbing through but there was nowhere for him to put his hands or anything once he was in. He thought he had a ladder in the back so he comes back with this thing that looks like something you would grow flowers on. Its about 6 feet long by about ten inches wide. It had thin metal rungs on it. We placed that in the bathroom and wedged it on the corner of the bathroom floor and shower. He stared in head first with me holding his legs the whole way in. That didnt work so becasue the top of the ladder was moving. I asked him for permission to break down the door or window if he fell in and hurt himself. He said, “Jes!” I said, “In America we call 911 for emergencies. Who should I call if you hurt yourself?” He quickly replied, “Call my mom!” We both laughed.
We eventually ended up with him going into this twelve foot by ten inch window feet first, then he turned himself over, all the time I am holding his arms so he can balance while standing on a plastic table. He made it in and then went to the door and couldnt get it open, but he finally did. Then we tried the key again and it worked perfectly fine.
I came in today and the female clerk showed me how to work the lock. She said that this was the only room with a messed up lock. So, I wasnt crazy.

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