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Furthering our mission to Amplify Authenticity and Multiply Mission, Athentikos created a promotional video for CTM Guatemala, an organization that has been a huge asset and resource for Athentikos. Because of CTM’s established relationships and partnerships, Athentikos was more enabled to discover and tell the stories in the films Reparando and Becoming Fools.
And because they have helped us, we wanted to help them. CTM Guatemala is an organization that was created as a resource for grassroots leaders in Guatemala to find leadership development, spiritual formation and organizational capacity building. Since their beginnings back in 2005, they have now expanded to other countries such as Honduras, Dominican Republic, Kenya and Haiti. And now their efforts have required them to expand even more. So they have create the Little Way Campaign.
We wanted to help them get this campaign off to a great start so while we were in Guatemala this last trip we took some time to gather more footage put together this video that visually explains the importance of the network and reasons to further develop their programs in other countries.
We are excited to have the opportunity to help CTM and we urge you to help them as well! Click here to learn more!

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