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Day 3: Ramiro Vasquez is one of our translators from Nashville, TN. It has been a blessing getting to know him. The way we are translating so that when we are finished shooting is by asking the questions in English. The person being interviewed answers the questions in Spanish. Ramiro is listening several feet away on headphones and translating into a microphone in English. The director and audio tech can hear English in one ear and Spanish in another. Sounds confusing but it works.
Today our subject, Tita was ready for her interview. We had told her that we were going to ask her a question in English and for her to answer in Spanish. Dave asked her a question in English, She answered in English…and Ramiro translated it back in Spanish…LOL!!! CUT!!! It was rather funny.
Tonight at the end of our team meeting Scott asked that someone pray for us in Spanish. Ramiro offered to pray for us. He stands up, moves behind his chair and bows his head and says…Dear Lord. At this point everyone loses it and starts laughing. Ramiro just smiles and drops his head…he had done it again. This team isnt short on funny situations regardless if they mean to be or not.
Ramiro Translating

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