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Day 4 — Our second day of “official” working was a day packed with filming various interviews and footage of yet another neighborhood of Guatemala City. We broke up into 4 different crews to capture as much with our cameras as possible. The highlight of my day (Dave) was watching the kids play as we waited for the various crews to reassemble. They took their skateboard and plastic cars to the top of a huge hill and plummeted down with great speed, laughing all the way.
I also had a fantastic time playing soccer with several children for over an hour. Despite the fact that I don’t speak any Spanish, we managed to communicate enough to develop four or five different games with the soccer ball. They were very skilled and probably would have played all day long!

After filming our interviews and having our fun we visited a community center where children learn a wide variety of skills from breakdancing and gymnastics to hair styling and cooking. They had several computers and classrooms, a kitchen, etc. but once again, the best part was seeing the smiling faces of all the children.

We are fairly tired and learning to be flexible with the constant changes in scheduling, but overall, things are going very well. We often sit in crazy traffic for a couple hours a day and watch cars barely miss each other.

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