I AM ART 2015 Casa Bernabe

I AM ART 2015 Casa Bernabe transformed the lives of children, artists, and translators! Athentikos partnered with Casa Bernabe, an orphanage to children in Guatemala who have lost families, been abandoned or abused. Our team of volunteers led children through a reflective journey of healing and discovery through creative arts, symbolic metaphor, and Biblical perspective that connects personal story to God’s greater story of redemption. Over five days, workshops explored character, setting, conflict, plot, and response through ceramics, creative writing, dance, mime, mixed-media, music, and photography. At the end of the week, we celebrated the children’s achievements in an art show for the community. We were blessed to witness the fruit of our mission in the lives of children. In addition, several volunteers shared that God used I AM ART to heal wounds and rekindle their desire to engage in communities of faith! We’re grateful for our partnership with Casa Bernabe and look forward to additional collaboration in 2016 and beyond!

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