Jungle School 2018


IAA Jungle School 2018 is a 10 day mission trip to Guatemala to empower at-risk youth at the Jungle in Peten through creative arts and God’s greater story of redemption.

12/13/2018 – 12/22/2018

From $2100 (*Athentikos is a nonprofit and can accept donation for your trip.)

Workshop Leaders
Workshop Assistants
Logistics Coordinators
Storytellers / Blogwriters
Photo/Video Crew
Social Media

NOTE: You don’t have to be a professional creative. you just need to want to make a difference through creativity.

Trip Highlights
• 2 days of team building and creative exploration
• 4 days of teaching workshops at an art camp
• Art Show with the community
• Sight seeing
• Excursion to Tikal

Jungle School 2018

Host Partner

The Jungle School is a thriving elementary, secondary, and vocational school that opened its doors in 1999.  It is located on the Hearts in Action ranch in the jungle of San Andres, Peten, Guatemala, and has recently become a private school so that HIA can better teach and incorporate Christian values in their work with the children and the staff.  TJS has a focus on the Creator and His creation, with emphasis on ecology and the environment, creativity, and cleanliness and order; all of which enhance the quality of education.


Travel to Guatemala and take a bus to Peten.

Get to know team members, explore, and spend another night in Flores

Travel to the I AM ART Camp location, meet with local leaders, and prepare the facility for the week-long camp

Sunday – Wednesday
Attend large group sessions, Teach small group session workshops to at-risk youth, and spend time with Artist Team Members from around the world

Celebrate the week’s achievement in an Art Show with youth and community

Explore the Mayan Ruins of Tikal

Travel Home


1. Team Building in Flores

Spend the first days team building and falling in love with Guatemala by exploring Flores, the capital of the Petén department which sits on an island encompassed by Lake Petén Itzá.


2. Art Camp

Guide youth through the Athentikos I AM ART curriculum, using creativity to explore their story through themes:character, setting, conflict, resolution, and community.


3. Art Show with Community

Celebrate the children, their creativity, and stories in an art show with the surrounding community that includes fine art installations and performances.

Jungle School 2018


Athentikos will equip you to:

• Guide youth to explore their story through creative arts

• Understand the cultural and spiritual context of the trip

• Collaborate with like-minded creatives from all over the world

• Empower through story and creative arts

• Raise funds using our media and crowd-funding platform

• Promoting your trip through strategic social media

• Preparing lesson plans for a 5 day workshop using our curriculum guide

• Research and produce inspirational stories

• Select gear for international production

• Pack strategically for a short-term vision trip

Tikal Excursion

Explore the magnificent ancient Mayan ruins.


The adventure of Tikal is included in trip package. Explore the an ancient Mayan citadel in the rainforests of northern Guatemala. Its iconic ruins of temples and palaces include the giant, ceremonial Lost World Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar. You will have the opportunity to see howler monkeys, spider monkeys, falcons, parrots, gray foxes, and the white-nosed coatis.


Tax-Deductible Donations

Athentikos is a 501c3 non-profit and can accept tax-deductible donations on your behalf. In addition, all I AM ART team members are offered a personal crowd-funding campaign similar to Kickstarter through our web site. We’ll coach you through the fundraising process and provide the resources you need to communicate your opportunity to grow and serve, including our films about Guatemala.
Every team member who has wanted to join an I AM ART trip has been able to raise funding to cover costs. You do not have to pay for the trip out of your pocket. If you have questions, please contact us.



TOTAL COST = Registration Fee + Team Fee + Airfare


$100 – EARLY
Register by May 1, 2018

$300 – REGULAR
Register by September 1, 2018



• Equipping and Mentoring
• Fundraising Platform
• Food & lodging during camp
• Transportation in country
• Tikal Excursion
• Insurance
• Admin fee


Depends on location. Average airfare is around $700. You can use airline points.

Team members are responsible for:
• 6 Meals during team building weekend (as low as $5 to $10 /each).
• Materials needed for Creative Workshops
• Background Check (as low as $30)

Jungle School 2018


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