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Myth  People belong in one of two categories. Left Brain: the logical, calculating, mathematically driven organizers; or Right Brain: the creative and free-flowing artists of the world.
Fact  That’s not how brains work. Though individual parts of the brain perform different functions, there is no evidence to support that we preferentially use one side over the other.
Athentikos is an organization that calls for “creatives,” which can be intimidating if every online quiz you’ve ever taken has declared you a “left-brainer.”  I personally like organizing things and using logic. I take notes during meetings just for the fun of it.  I’m what many would call a predominantly “left-brainer.” My strengths do not include a skill for artistry. I enjoy art, but you’re never going to find my work being sold at auction for a lot of money or hanging in a fancy building. Yet lately, when someone asks me about who I am, I’ve been telling them, “I’m a creative.” I might like taking organized notes, but they’re color coordinated and have doodles in the margins. I suspect I’m not the only person to be part of Athentikos that is not the conventional creative.
We can all be creative in our own ways. Every member of the Athentikos team is bringing their story to the table. It’s like a potluck meal that we’ve all been invited to partake in, a communion. You’re going to bring your own food and flavor and it’s going to be great. However, it’s not about the food, it’s about the community time spent enjoying the meal.
View More: you’re planning on going to Guatemala and you really feel like you’ve found your identity as a creative, you can help us learn and explore a world you’re familiar with already. Thank you. If you’re planning on going to Guatemala and you’re not quite sure of yourself yet, you can bring new perspectives, new ideas, and challenge us all to grow. Thank you. If you’re not going to Guatemala or you’ve already been, you have the chance to share what Athentikos is doing with the people in your life. Thank you. Creativity is not for the haves and have-nots. It’s for the doers, the thinkers, the parents, the kids, the nine-to-fivers, the free spirits, the no-nonsensers. Creativity is for all of us. It might not be your thing right now, but it can be. We can help each other grow. That’s why we’re here.
Myth  If you aren’t artistically talented, it’s better to leave it to the professionals—the “right-brainers.”
Fact  Our society would not function successfully if it were full of identical people. Everyone has various strengths and skills that make them who they are.
I AM ART is about more than being able to paint a picture. It’s a celebration of authenticity. You don’t have to show off, you have to show up. God has called all of us to be part of this organization because we belong here. We serve a purpose. We are enough. It’s not about who is right and who is left or our skills and talents. Casa Bernabe and Oasis Residential Home are full of kids. They aren’t going to care how great we are at doing art or organizing or whether we identify as creatives. They’ll care about whether we like the color they chose for their picture, whether we laugh at their jokes or not, whether we listen to them. So let’s gather around the table with these kids, bring what we have, and enjoy communion together. All are welcome here.

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