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The film Reparando is about hope and redemption at it’s core and we’ve been thrilled to see the effects of what a film can have on a community, even a country! And now that there’s even more ways to watch the film, such as through digital downloads, online streaming with Hulu and Amazon Prime and yes, we still sell physical dvd’s as well, there’s even a greater chance the film can impact more people and bring more awareness to what’s happening in Guatemala.
But what some of you may not know is that we offer Reparando to be seen in other settings than just your home. Because purchasing the film in the before mentioned manner is for home use only we wanted to have a chance for individuals to show the film in churches and other organizational settings, even classrooms! This is why we offer two different licensing options for the film, an education license and an exhibition license. Let us explain:

[one_half] Reparando – Educational License
[one_half last=last] Reparando – Exhibition License

An education license allows an institution to purchase the film for the purpose of using the film as an education resource. The license is a one time purchase and is held by the institution indefinitely. The one restriction about the education license is that it cannot be used for fundraising purposes. If an organization wishes to use Reparando as a way to help raise funding, then they would need to purchase the exhibition license.
An exhibition license for Reparando allows any organization to use the film for the sole purpose of raising money for that organization. The license is granted for one month and becomes active at the time of the first event. From that first event a licensee can use the film multiple times for 30 days. After the 30 days the license expires. If an organization wishes to use the film again another license must be purchased. At the end of each term the licensee must submit information of the total money raised and 10% is collected from that organization.
Funding that Athentikos raises from the licenses allows us to continue to make the Reparando available in these ways and bring greater visibility to the issues and hope in Guatemala. If you still have questions about licensing Reparando

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