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Day 2:  This morning we had our final production orientation.  This afternoon we did some preliminary scouting in at the city dump, Lalimonada, and Canalitos (Shorty’s church).  We returned tonight to a delicious dinner of soup, rice, and steamed veggies.  We had a short meeting and then everyone who had video footage downloaded all  footage to hard drives, recharged batteries, down loaded pictures, and updated blogs.  There are only three of us left still up at 12:52 a.m. but we are about ten minutes away from wrapping it up.  Breakfast is served at 7:30…if I shower tonight I can sleep until 7:25.
This first picture is from our production orientation.
Production Training
The images below are from the city dump.  There are people who make their living by scavenging through the dump to find anything they can take to the market and resell.  The average days wage is $5.  These people are commonly refered to as “scavengers”.  The Potters House is a ministry that serves the needs of these people and they have a different name for them.  They call them, Treasures.  Because first they see them as valuable creations made by God.  Secondly the see the worth, value and sacrifice these people have to make to provide for their families.  Anything worth “scavenging” for must be a treasure to someone.  Anyone worth being “scavenged” for must be a treasure.  I believe Jesus “scavenged” for us on a cross.

Life among the dead.
Thanks to those who have commented and are following along, we greatly appreciate your prayers.  Well, ten minutes is up and we are still here…so you can pray for good rest as we continue to work.  I am sure one of us will send out an update tomorrow…well, today but later.
Oh, before I forget…you can view our flicker stream by clicking on any photo or by clicking HERE!!!
Good night and God Bless.
Stephen Major Chisholm

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