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Amelia and I spoke with a contact in Guatemala this afternoon via skype to begin logistical planning for our trip in January. I am thrilled to live in a time where we are blessed with technology to help us communicate and work. The concept of using a computer to call someone in a different country – for free – amazes me (not to mention being able to see them with the whole video chat phenomenon). These are things that Captain Kirk used in movies when I was a child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. In a mere twenty years they have trickled down to people like me … people who are not exploring the final frontier and best friends with Spock.
I realized several years ago that I am a story teller at heart. I love the power of story. Stories have entertained, educated and transformed humanity since the world began; first in spoken word, then in written form and most recently in motion pictures. I imagine if that I lived hundreds of years ago I would have been a sort of Bard or playwright. However, since I live in a modern world with technology that would have caused good ol’ Captain Kirk to soil his polyester jumpsuit … my medium for story telling is digital motion pictures.
My passion for story telling is fueled by the fact that I cannot isolate my story from the greater arching story unfolding around me. As I conversed today with our contact in Guatemala, I was reminded once again that God has uniquely designed me with experiences, abilities and passions that correlate with other uniquely designed individuals. When God gave me the vision for this project several years ago, He was also similarly inspiring other people with different experiences, abilities and passions towards the same goal. We fit together like pieces of a grand mosaic to communicate a story that none of us could tell on our own.

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