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Day 3: Today we had our production meeting in the morning and then we split up into our two teams.
Team 1 started off with an amazing interview with Joel Van Dyke (Latin America Director of Center for Transforming Mission). Joel did a beautiful job of summarizing all the different ministries we are filming… as well as, paint a picture of what Athentikos is all about. Once finished with Joel, Team 1 was on to film the interview with Tita. Tita is the Director of the “Little School” (a before/after school program) in LaLimonda. She shared from her heart and everyone present was deeply moved by her life of mercy and service.
Team 2 began today by shooting more b-roll film of the “life in the dump”… scenes from the “scavengers” entering the dump in the morning for a full days work. From there, we went to a neighborhood near the dump to find and shoot film of the “Doll Lady”. A woman who makes her living scavenging through the dump for doll parts. She pieces the dolls together limb by limb, washes them, puts on new clothes and sells them.
The discarded trash becoming new life.
Both teams saw this today… and, it is Beautiful!
Buenos Noches,
Kristin Vanzant
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