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After having a few days “semi” off we were back at it yesterday. Many of us felt like we were moving in slow motion. The prior week had finally caught up with us. The great thing about filming in Antigua is that most of our shot locations are no more than twenty minutes away.
Yesterday we filmed at Kairos, a school that Myra and her mother have started, in the city of Cuidad Vieja. The school was started from these two women feeding children in the city who were left at home all day because their parents were gone to work. Now they feed over fifty kids a week. As I type this Myra and her mother are preparing our breakfast this morning. They are catering our breakfast and lunch this week. Which leads me back into yesterday.
It was a little after noon once we wrapped at the school and we were headed over to Myras parents house. Once there we were treated with the best meal thus far in Guatemala. Myras mother, Hermalinda Garcia, was grilling flank steak outside. She had prepared potatoes and grilled green beans (perfectly crisp) in a nice gravy sauce, with french bread and tortillas, fresh guacamole, and fresh salsa. It was amazingly delicious.
Once we wrapped shooting at their house we drove up into the city to interview a few families who attended the school. We met this one family whos father works as a Baker. He hopes to open his own store some day. He and his wife have three adorable children. After the interview he asked if we had somewhere to be because he wanted to bless us with a cake. We offered to pay him for the cake, what we would usually pay for the cakes in the states. He told us to come back in about twenty minutes. When we arrived back to their home he had a table set up outside his house with a table cloth on it. He had made fresh pastries for us. Some looked like rolls and others looked like a turnover. Filled with apple and strawberry topped with powdered sugar. They were so flaky and delicious. Marko said he had had pastries in Italy and these were better. I was given the task of carrying the cake down the hill and holding it on the bus. If you know anything about the roads in Guatemala you know they are a bit bumpy. And I didnt have anything to cover the cake with, it was just on a plate. Needless to say, the cake made it back in one piece.
What a blessing. We were all struggling and tired yesterday and God decided to bless us with this sweet family. By the time we reached the Hotel we were all feeling much better and went out for dinner. Then it was early to bed for most of us.
Myra and her mother just left breakfast for us. It was fresh scrambled eggs with back beans in a black bean sauce and again, delicious. Everyone seems to be rested and we are about to head out. No time to post pictures to the blog. Keep us in your prayers and we will update later this evening.

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