The legacy of a man who lived as a fool and died as a friend.


Italo Castro was a professional clown who became a father figure to countless street youth in Guatemala City. After his tragic death, professional entertainers rally around street youth to honor their fallen hero in a theatrical production on a distinguished stage. The odds are stacked against this dysfunctional troupe, but they’re determined. Perhaps they’re fools for believing it can be done. Or perhaps … Becoming Fools is exactly what they needed … because the journey of a fool leads to the heart of a child.

Film Info

FORM: Documentary, Feature GENRE: Drama, Reality, Social Issue, Biography NICHE: Third World, Social Justice, Latino RUNNING TIME: 80 Minutes LANGUAGES: Spanish, English SUBTITLES: English, Spanish

Becoming Fools Premiere in Grand Rapid, MI

Becoming Fools Screening Tour

Athentikos is leveraging the story of Becoming Fools with AMG International in a US Screening tour to make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth.
Athentikos will present Becoming Fools in a US screening tour beginning in spring 2014 to engage audiences in the issue and present opportunities to respond. Our global response partner for the US screening tour is AMG International, a Christian missionary agency that holistically serves in over 30 countries around the world. Becoming Fools audiences will be given opportunities to respond through AMG’s Bridge to Life initiative, which protects at-risk youth from 3 years old to young adulthood. The Becoming Fools story takes place in Guatemala, but the issues of at-risk youth and homelessness exist everywhere. The Becoming Fools US screening tour will also present unique opportunities to respond to the issue of at-risk youth and homelessness through a local organization in each city.

Film Goals

We believe films are called motion pictures not only because they are pictures that are moving, but also because they have the power to move people. We’re partnering with several organizations responding to the needs of homelessness and at-risk youth to inspire audiences to:

  • Sponsor children in holistic programs for at-risk youth
  • Facilitate rehabilitation
  • Provide family support services
  • Develop centers for the youth to receive holistic help
  • Invest in micro-enterprise and provide vocational training
  • Foster & adopt children

Impact in Guatemala

Joel Van Dyke, Athentikos board member and Director of CTM in Guatemala Athentikos has been working hard for the last several years on a documentary called Becoming Fools that focuses on at-risk and homeless youth. Even before the completion of the film, Becoming Fools impacted Guatemalan mission, by reenergizing the Foro, a Guatemalan network of 20 ministries that had been dormant for years. Since the film project was started, the Foro now meets monthly and has an annual national consultation focused on youth living in the streets. A Guatemalan steering committee comprised of ten organizations responding to the issue, and media professionals is developing a national campaign to leverage the film to inspire volunteer recruitment for a mentoring network for over 15,000 high-risk Guatemala youth. The campaign will kick off with a special event and screening on April 12th( International Day of Street Youth). Athentikos has been a huge blessing to the Center for Transforming Mission and our work in leadership development, spiritual formation and organizational capacity building with grassroots leaders throughout Guatemala City. Athentikos has amplified the muted or ignored voices of grassroots leaders serving the least, last and lost of their respective communities. Collaboration with Athentikos as an instrumental partner in Guatemala is a key strategy in moving our work towards the development of a Local Leadership Foundation in Guatemala that effectively seeks the social and spiritual transformation of our City and nation.

Make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth

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