creativity as mission


Athentikos /Ô-THentik-Ōs/

meaning: Greek word for “authentic”

What is Athentikos?

Athentikos is a non-profit that empowers through life-transforming creative arts.

Scott & Amelia Moore founded Athentikos in 2008 to authentically give back to Guatemala, the birth country of their two adopted sons. Scott is a media producer and Amelia is a photographer. They recruited teams of creatives and took three trips to Guatemala in 2009 / 2010 to produce the feature-length, award winning documentary ‘Reparando’.

In 2011, Athentikos was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit and began production for a second documentary, ‘Becoming Fools’, which depicts the story of creatives empowering at-risk youth living in the streets of Guatemala.

Athentikos began equipping artists to use creativity as mission through I AM ART trips in 2010, with organizational partners established through the production of ‘Reparando’ in Guatemala. Athentikos hopes to expand I AM ART globally in 2017.

We’re creatives …

Athentikos was born from our identity. We wanted to help people around the world, but we realized we aren’t doctors, lawyers, or engineers. We’re creatives. We believe the desires of our heart came from a God who loves us and wants us to generously share our identity to serve the least, last, and lost. When we’re authentic to our identity, our origin is unquestionable. When we’re authentic in community, our lives compliment each other in a sum greater than each of its parts; a diversity in unity that can only be explained by the overwhelming grace of a God writing a greater story.


Operations Team

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore Creative Director, Producer, Director, Founder

    Scott founded Athentikos in 2008 after he and his wife Amelia adopted two sons from Guatemala. In addition to leading creative direction for I AM ART, he has directed two films with Athentikos: Reparando and Becoming Fools.

    Scott fell in love with global cultures during childhood while traveling the world with his family. After graduating from high school in Okinawa, Japan, Scott returned to the United States and received a BA in Theatre Arts from Hastings College. He has spent the last 20+ years working in media production as a writer, director, editor, composer and producer for commercial, documentary, and music video.

  • Amelia Moore
    Amelia Moore Operations Manager, Associate Photographer, I AM ART Leader

    Amelia Moore is married to Scott and thus was introduced to the beautiful country of Guatemala through the adoption of their two sons. Her formal background is in art and graphic design, and from these creative fields, she discovered a love of photography in 2003. She has a full-time photography business in the Nashville, TN area focused on portrait photography in weddings, high school seniors and families. You can see examples of her work at  Amelia has photographed and filmed for both Athentikos films (Reparando and Becoming Fools), as well as several I AM ART Projects. She serves on the Athentikos Operations team by organizing the myriad of logistics from volunteer management to trip details. She loves leading the I AM ART teams but even more she enjoys teaching workshops at the camps. 

  • David Lee
    David Lee Artist Development Manager

    David started playing guitar in the delta of Mississippi after watching the old timers on the porch play the blues. He went to school at Belmont University in Nashville, TN to follow his dream of becoming a musician. He has been on many mission trips but I Am Art allowed him to marry his passion of creativity with his desire to help other people. In 2014, he went to Guatemala with Scott and Amelia and began volunteering part-time for Athentikos in 2015. David led the 2015 I AM ART Trip to Casa Bernabe and plans to lead several trips in 2016.

  • Kathlyn Chan
    Kathlyn Chan I AM ART Manager, Guatemala
  • Courtney Noya
    Courtney Noya Intern

    Courtney was raised in Tampa, FL but is currently studying psychology at FAU’s Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College in Jupiter, FL. She currently works in the school’s student union and is in the process of writing her undergraduate thesis. She began an internship with Athentikos in the Fall of 2016. As an intern, Courtney writes and edits blogs and helps manage Athentikos’s social media. She joined Athentikos for their Fall I AM ART Camp at Oasis in 2016, fell in love with Athentikos, and hopes to continue spreading its mission.

Board Members

  • Joel Van Dyke
    Joel Van Dyke Cultural Advisor, Board Member

    Joel lives in Guatemala City and gives leadership to the “Estrategia de Transformacion” (EdT). The EdT is a strategic grassroots leadership development initiative formed as an alliance between the Center For Transforming Mission (CTM) and Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM).

  • Michael and Emily Sutherland
    Michael and Emily Sutherland Board Members

    Michael and Emily Sutherland joined the Athentikos board in 2016. They’ve been involved with Athentikos since 2010, when Emily travelled to Guatemala for the premiere of Reparando. During that trip, she helped with pre-production for the Athentikos documentary, Becoming Fools. Michael and Emily live in Brentwood, TN wit their two sons, Crawford and Henry.

  • David Baggett
    David Baggett Board President

    Dave Baggett was born and raised in Virginia.  He attended James Madison University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology.  After living in Texas for a year, he returned to Virginia and started his own home-improvement business.  Later he went to Covenant Seminary in St Louis, MO to earn a Masters of Divinity. He is a pastor and church planter ordained by the Presbyterian Church in America.  He has been married for 20 years to his lovely wife, Lisa, and they have 3 wonderful children.  Dave and Lisa have known Scott and Amelia for over 20 years and formerly shared the stage with them in a Christian band.  Dave participated with the filming of Reparando and feels a burden to help at-risk youth.  He recently joined the Athentikos Board of Directors and is hoping to plant another church in the near future.

  • Jason Rice
    Jason Rice Governance Committee Chair

    Jason was born and raised in North Carolina. He attended Duke University where he received a Bachelor’s of Art in Design. After a career in technology with a internet startup, Jason joined the National Christian Foundation to lead their growing technology team, followed by several years of independent consulting. He is now a project manager within NCF’s Finance and Investment group.

    Jason first traveled to Guatemala in 2012 on a medical mission team. At once he fell in love with the culture, history and beauty of the country and has returned each year since. He was a member of the Vidas Plenas I AM Art team in 2016 and joined the Athentikos board shortly thereafter.

    Jason, his wife Amy, their son Paxton and six cats live in Ball Ground, GA.

  • Mary Collins
    Mary Collins Board member

    Mary Collins joined the Athentikos board in Spring 2017.  As a wife and mom of three, Mary believes in the all that God is accomplishing through Athentikos and is honored and humbled to be a part of the team!

  • Jeff Marcino
    Jeff Marcino Board Member

    Jeff Marcino is a Clinical Psychologist who has lived in Charleston, South Carolina for 15 years with his wife and two daughters.  Jeff has trained in various areas in the field of psychology but found his niche with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Jeff recently purchased an Applied Behavioral Analysis company, which focuses on working in-home with children with autism spectrum and behavioral disorders.  However, he continues to spend most of his time working with individuals and couples in his private practice.

    In his personal life Jeff loves sports and exercise as well as spending time with his family and friends. In addition, Jeff volunteers as President of the board for The Walk For Autism, and most recently joined the Athentikos board, allowing Jeff to honor his faith and commitment to serve those in need.


  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore Creative Director, Producer, Director, Founder
  • Bobby Marko
    Bobby Marko Advisory Board Member
  • Paul Hart
    Paul Hart Advisory Board Member
  • Kay Johnson
    Kay Johnson Advisory Board Member


Does Athentikos just create films?

No, although our first two projects were feature length films, the Athentikos team has experience in creating all types of media including promotional material, short films, motion graphic videos and visual conceptual videos. However, we do feel a powerful story told within each of those mediums is necessary in order to capture the hearts of an audience and move people to respond.

We believe a story has the ability to expose issues, connect people with opportunities to join the response effort, and multiply resources for mission. So, we structured a non-profit to allow us to focus our talents and passion together in a way that leverages the power of story to make a difference in the lives of people in need around the world.

Why should I give to Athentikos when I can give directly to the organizations you feature in your stories?

Great question! In short – we are resource multipliers. Here’s an basic example: one hundred dollars given to Athentikos has the potential to turn into thousands of dollars for the organization featured in our stories through the exponential attention gained through the story itself. The resource multiplication is not only financial. Stories are shared and inspire people to get involved. Organizations featured in our stories have been blessed through countless volunteers who give their time because they saw the story and were inspired to join in. We’re not suggesting to stop giving to these organizations. But we are able to maximize each amount given exponentially! This is because the money used to create the stories pales in comparison to the results from an audience inspired by that story.

What results have you seen from the stories you've produced?

Our stories have exponentially multiplied resources given to organizations responding to needs featured in the stories. The majority of these resources were not funneled through our organization because “Reparando” was not designed to promote ourselves. The film promotes Guatemalan organizations responding to needs. We do know these organizations have been richly blessed by generosity inspired through our film. Examples of this include: Over $100,000 in grant money from companies like LEGO, over $150,000 have gone directly to organizations in direct giving, numerous vision and mission trips have been taken, viewers have changed college majors and left their jobs all in effort to support organizations we’ve featured in our stories.

Moving forward, we’re developing strategic partnerships with organizations to present audiences with clear opportunities to respond through our platform, and track the response.

Doesn't Athentikos make a profit from their films?

Only about 20%-30% of our income is derived through film sales. The rest comes from individual donations from people like yourselves. Contrary to most understandings about the film industry, unless you have worldwide distribution through a major studio like Paramount, Sony or 20th Century Fox, according to a 2009 study, about 97% of independent films do not turn a profit. Out of the 3% that do, none of them are documentaries.

But we don’t make films like “Reparando” or “Becoming Fools” to make a profit. We make these films to make a difference – and these films have inspired hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of volunteers to organizations featured in the stories. That’s why we need your donations to continue our mission.

Is my giving tax-deductible?

Yes it is. Athentikos is a 501( c )(3) organization registered in the United States so any amount of money given is tax-deductible. A receipt is generated with each gift for you to use for your end of the year tax purposes.

Can I give by check instead of online?

Absolutely! If you could include the following information with your check if it’s not correct on the front of your checks:

Full Mailing Address
Email Address

Please make your check payable to:

P.O. Box 1902
Spring Hill, TN 37174-1920

How can I help Athentikos?

There are many ways you can help other than financially. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter. This a great way you will be informed about the latest happenings and you can easily share through your social media outlets.

You can also share more by becoming a Host for our house party events. This a great, intimate way to show the films and have discussions with your guests about how to support Athentikos and the many other organizations featured in our films. It’s also a great way to brainstorm about ways you can help in your own community and in other parts of the world.

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