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Our partners are hard at work building relationships and serving needs. Fergie is a clown who volunteers with the organization At Risk No More. He spends time with the street kids every Thursday afternoon and takes kids interested in clowning to a local park or church building to train because he doesn’t have a facility. Fergie said that he dreams of someday having an official school to teach the kids. Several Street Kids are learning to juggle and and walk on stilts. Others are learning magic tricks and skits. On Sunday nights, Fergie brings a meal to the street kids and leads a small discussion group. Belbeth Castro (Italo’s sister) also comes to help with the events on Sunday nights. At Risk No More is currently recruiting and training other volunteers to work with the youth in a variety of ways.
On Monday & Wednesday mornings, Mojoca (another organization that works with children who live on the street) comes to offer the kids a breakfast as well as a time to talk, play some games with them, do drawings, and talk about cultural themes.
We are excited to begin documenting these activities in detail once we have raised our Kickstarter goal!
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