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YOU get to decide where we host the WORLD PREMIERE!

The city that raises the most financial support for the Becoming Fools Kickstarter Campaign will host the world premiere of the film FOR FREE*!
Here’s how it works:
1. Back Becoming Fools on Kickstarter before Oct 5, 2011.
2. Include the nearest major city in your profile when you back the project.
(If you have already backed the Becoming Fools Kickstarter Project, it is easy to add the city to your profile.)
3. Ask family, friends and co-workers in your area to do the same.
Work together and WIN! Pledges start at $1. All pledges above $25 receive incentives. Funds are securely transferred through Amazon Payments and NO FUNDS ARE TRANSFERRED UNLESS WE RAISE OUR GOAL. ALL PLEDGES ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.
It is that simple!
The city that raises the most money for the Becoming Fools Kickstarter project wins! We’ll bring the completed film to your city for the world premiere – FOR FREE! Ask your church, small group and even your barber to join in. Together we can raise the funds needed to tell this story and help these street kids!
Which city will join us in Becoming Fools?
*Becoming Fools World Premiere Contest prize winner depends on a successful Becoming Fools Kickstarter Campaign – raising a total of at least $150,000 by Oct. 5, 2011.

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