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When you lose your job it stings. It takes the wind out of you. The security that you once leaned upon is suddenly gone and you struggle to find a new sense of security. When your wife loses her job within a month of you losing your job, it sort of makes you question security in general. Today, chaos reared it’s ugly head to challenge our faith. It almost felt like a plot to a movie – unreal.
I lost my job a month ago. Although it stung my pride, I wasn’t extremely concerned. My wife had a solid job and her income could hold us over until we figured out how to move forward. That changed today when my wife lost her job too. Maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist, but when my wife and I both lose our jobs within a month – I have to ask what the heck is going on. I mean, seriously … both of us? I have to be honest. I didn’t see this coming.
We recently wrapped up a screening tour of our first film, ‘Reparando’ – a feature-length documentary that we produced after adopting our sons from Guatemala. We spent two and a half years working on the film on top of our day jobs because we couldn’t go on with ordinary life after seeing the what we saw in the country where our sons were born. We wanted to raise awareness for the situation in Guatemala and help direct resources towards a solution that would make a difference. I believe we were successful in our goal. In less that a year after releasing the film, it has inspired incredible response that is impacting the situation in Guatemala.
While we were in Guatemala last November to premiere ‘Reparando’, our hearts were again moved by another story. We spent time with kids who ran away from home and live on the street. These children live in a prison without walls. They have very little chance of lifting themselves out of a life of destitution. I came home to the US with a desire to share their story so we could help bring hope to the situation.
We’ve spent the last six months researching and planning a new film to tell their story. It’s been a crazy six months. In that six months, the hero of the story drowned. I lost my job. And now, Amelia lost her job. At some point, I have to ask the question, “Is this random, or is something more profound happening?” We were able to subsidize the production of ‘Reparando’ with our salaries from our day jobs. We never put a penny in our pockets from the film because we didn’t have to. But now, that has changed. We are forced into a new paradigm.
As difficult as our situation seems right now, I am reminded of these street youth and their lack of opportunity. I might lose my house and have to move, but I have options. I can get another job – somewhere. I can move in with family if I have to. Ultimately, I am not without hope. But, the street kids in Guatemala have nothing. Ironically, that is what is heavy on my heart today. Suddenly, I have an inkling of understanding what life is like for them … the fear of uncertainty … living without security of what I once considered secure. But my reality is just a small glimpse into their life. They don’t have the options I am blessed with.
Call me stubborn, but now I want to tell their story more than ever. I want to produce this documentary and partner with organizations on the ground in Guatemala to help these street kids leverage themselves out of their situations. We have an incredible story to tell – a story that will expose a problem, illuminate a solution and inspire response. All we need now are the financial resources to produce it.
I want to believe that the irony of Amelia and me losing our jobs at the same time is God providing a way to swoop in and Glorify Himself by providing for us when we have nothing else to lean on. At some level, it is more than a belief – it is an expectation. Amelia and I are like the Israelites walking into the water expecting God to part it. We’ll keep walking with that faith.
A great friend shared this verse with me tonight. It is the summary of my reality:
2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”
In the midst of my personal uncertainty – my personal weakness, I am certain of God’s providence. My current situation is like a mosquito buzzing around my head, trying to distract me from experiencing a beautiful sunset. With God’s help, I’ll swat that bug and continue soaking in the beauty so I can share it with someone else.

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