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“A dream come true” sounds trite and clichéd compared to the richness of the reality I along with my husband and over 200 others experienced last Thursday at the private viewing of the film, Reparando in Guatemala City.
Living in Guatemala off and on for six years, being native Texans, we traded hot weather, southern drawls, rich southern heritage and leaving our families for the beautiful tropics and mountains of Guatemala and falling in love with the people, culture, beauty and pain of this country. Weaving through the stories, journeys and lives we now live were these phenomenal people and ministries that appeared to be rising out of no where but, instead we just discovered that these ministries had been loving Jesus in the trenches and in relationship for years, often “unknown” by the church and others around the world but, making lasting, eternal differences in the lives of the people of Guatemala!
The questions we heard over and over from the Body of Christ in the states were “Where can we plug in?” or “How do we best support and come behind the Body of Christ in Guatemala” or maybe one of the most compelling “I want to be apart of the work, beauty and love of God we see in Guatemala” So the cry of our hearts developed into a passion for exposure. Who better to expose than our dear friends, Scott and Amelia Moore and the Athentikos team who were loaded with talent, a love for Guatemala and a passion for this beauty to be documented. So when they contacted us and asked that we could join the team in Guatemala to help collaborate and coordinate, connecting the team with these ministries we couldn’t get on board quickly enough. We have been humbled by this team’s dedication, incredible hard work, persistence in truth being exposed, unbelievable talent and beautiful hearts.
To sit in a room with over 200 Guatemalan pastors, our friends with Strategy of Transformation and others who have served in this project for over two and half years in the private screening of Reparando, as you can see was “A dream come true” as it moved us, like true exposure of beauty often does and filled us in that entire auditorium with HOPE…hope for the future, hope in a God who brings redemption and hope for the country of Guatemala which is being rebuilt from the inside out!
Melissa Scott Davis
Guatemala Family Coordinator
The Shepherd’s Crook Ministries;

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