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We left Guatemala City on Thursday afternoon to head to one of the most incredible cities in the world … Antigua, Guatemala. We slept in on Friday and relaxed by the pool at Hotel Antigua. It was nice to have some R&R after working so hard for over a week. We stopped by a few of our favorite spots to enjoy the cuisine: Cafe Condessa, Fridas, and a few others.
This morning our friend Mayra drove us out to Ciudad Vieja so we could get footage of Ortiz Estuardo, a baker who has three children in the Kyros School. We started at Estuardo’s place of employment, a bakery in Ciudad Vieja. The owner graciously gave us full access to the location as we documented the baking process. The aroma was simply amazing. The bakery makes over 250 cakes and 750 pastries a day.
After shooting for a couple hours we drove over to Estuardo’s house in San Lorenzo. It was wonderful to see the Ortiz family again. We fell in love with them in January. We interviewed Estuardo and then began to interview Veronica when it started downpouring. It hadn’t rained the entire time we have been here and it all came down at once. So we took advantage of our rain gear an shot some rain footage. After out shoot we returned to our hotel “basecamp”, archived our footage and then ate dinner at the infamous Rainow Room.
We head back to San Lorenzo for more filming today. J.Mac and Bobby fly back to the US on Tuesday. Bengy and I will be sad to see them go. We are quite a team and I am so thankful for their companionship. Los Magnificos!

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