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That’s right, we only have three more weeks until our campaign is over on October 5. To celebrate the interest and momentum in the campaign, we are offering some very special gifts FOR FREE.

Over 2300 people have “Liked” our Becoming Fools Kickstarter Project page. We really appreciate the encouragement and wish we could produce a film with “Likes”, but unfortunately, we can’t. We need our “Likers” to become “Backers” in order to tell this story.
To encourage “Likers” to become “Backers”, we are adding some new bonus incentives as a way to say thank you. Why wait? Back Becoming Fools today!

EVERY PLEDGE will receive a FREE SONG DOWNLOAD from our dear friend AMY STROUP ( Pledges start at $1 and you get the song TODAY!
2. ALL PLEDGES OVER $25 GET THE FILM SOUNDTRACK FOR FREEAs an added bonus on top of the other incentives, all pledges over $25 will receive the film soundtrack! So, for $25 you get the film AND the soundtrack … and you help tell a story that will make a difference in the lives of street kids! We are planning some incredible music for this film and look forward to sharing it with you.
GET YOUR FREE SONG NOWWe are excited to partner with Amy Stroup to bring you this offer. Here is how to receive your FREE SONG:
1) Back the Becoming Fools Kickstarter Project at (Check out the project info and then click on the green “BACK THIS PROJECT” on the right). Remember to include your city to enter the World Premiere Contest.
2) Post the following status on Facebook and/or Twitter:
“GET A FREE SONG from Amy Stroup & support kids living on the streets of Guatemala at
3) We’ll send you a link to download your FREE SONG!
4) Enjoy! Keep talking about this project and it’s impact to bring hope to thousands of children living on the streets.(All current backers, just do steps #2-#4)
Singer / songwriter Amy Stroup joined Athentikos on our first production trip to Guatemala in 2009 to help with Reparando. Amy met Italo during this trip and was moved by his vision for the forgotten children growing up on the streets of Guatemala. She responded with her own talents and wrote “Orphan Clothes” with Mary Hooper.

Amy Stroup approaches her art with passion. Over the past 18 months, her songs have been featured in over 20 hit TV shows including “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Brothers & Sisters,” “Private Practice,” “One Tree Hill”, “Army Wives” and “Pretty Little Liars.”. Her new CD — “The Other Side of Love Sessions,” released in stores on June 28 — compiles the best songs from her previous digital-only EPs and bathes them in a new light. “All these songs,” Amy says, “explore different types of love. When you actually live through something real, you realize there are a lot of aspects of love. There’s a lot of pain. It takes courage. There’s something you have to fight for.”
Amy is currently on tour with TEN OUT OF TENN (

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