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Today we had the honor of showing REPARANDO to Christ Academy Guatemala, a local private high school in Guatemala City. Several months ago the Administration and Staff were shown a private screening of REPARANDO. Unbeknownst to them a few students had slipped into the screening, as teenagers do. One of these teenagers is Maria. Maria was adopted by the Glick family from Guatemala. Prior to her adoption Maria grew up around the city dump in Guatemala City. After seeing REPARANDO on the sly God began working in her heart. A young teenager who was terrified of even speaking in class was now being drawn out by God to speak. Joel Van Dyke, a local missionary in Guatemala heard of Maria’s story and asked her if she would like to share what God was doing in her heart to the student body of her school. Maria’s response was, “I have to do that.” Today, after REPARANDO played, Maria overcoming her fear of talking in front of people spoke these words, “This movie broke my heart.”
Maria went on to briefly describe her life prior to adoption and life now as God would have her.

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