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Ramiro, Marko and Myself boarded a Chicken Bus headed to Guatemala City this morning. There were no chickens but it did get packed with people. Once we left Antigua the bus driver was flying. We thought we would make Guat City in about thirty minutes. However, he did have to stop several times to pick people up.
I was carrying the steady cam and the tripod. I had them both between my legs and when it was time to get off the bus I had to pull up both things, stand up and try to get past a sleeping old lady sitting next to me. Ramiro and Marko were already off the bus. The bus started rolling and they both yelled at the driver to wait. I made it off and we made it to Guatemala City and met up with Shorty soon after.
After we met up with the rest of the Athentikos group we went into some villages and looked at some new water purification systems and stoves. A man named Forrest is heading up this relief. By getting the people clean drinking water they have cut down on several illnesses in the communities they are put in. More on this later.
Shorty has an amazing story. Here is a picture of him with his hommies. He is the one in Red. He now runs a rehab center for X-gang members.
Tomorrow we are leaving at 6 a.m. to travel to Chichicostanango (sp). Its a three hour bus ride. We are meeting with Pray America and interviewing them and talking with them about their ministry. I will up date you more on that later.
Well, I had better get some sleep. We have been reduced to 8 team members. There are pros and cons to this but the most regretful thing is that when a team member would leave we would see something the next day that they would have greatly appreciated.
Continue to pray for us as we travel and witness some amazing acts of love God is doing in the lives of His people. Scott’s blog summed it up well.
Where words fail, film reveals.

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