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The Guatemala City Dump is the largest in Central America. 24 football fields would fit within it’s walls. 11,000 people live near and work in the dump as a means for survival. It is here where we found one of the central figures in our documentary.
Maria Del Fina Hernandez – affectionately known as the “Doll Lady” uses micro-finance loans from the Potter’s House to buy discarded doll parts, which she cleans, repairs and eventually sells for a small profit. Her story makes the perfect visual metaphor for ‘Reparando’.
Athentikos supports Maria’s micro-enterprise by selling her dolls in our online store. Each doll is uniquely hand-made by Maria and is a tangible reminder of how God repairs the broken. You can purchase yours today.

Watch the video:

Our Guatemalan team recently visited Maria and asked her a few questions on camera. In this video, Maria expresses her gratitude for your help.

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