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Athentikos, FreedomGuatemala, PorUnaCausa and Weyaverde joined forces at Monkibú.  The event was multi-purpose, directed at benefiting all organizations involved, in addition to raising awareness about recycling and the issue of children living in the street.  Monkibú, a fun center for kids, hosted an event to teach kids about recycling.

Toy Story characters Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie showed up at the event to teach the children the importance of recycling.  They discussed what materials could be recycled and the proper way to recycle these materials in addition how to conserve energy.  Buzz, Woody and Jessie taught the kids the 3 R’s…reducir, reusar, reciclar (reduce, reuse, recycle).

As part of the event, all participating organizations invited everyone to bring their recyclable items to a recently installed recycle bin at Monkibú.  Weyaverde, a recycling center installed this bin and will pick up all donated materials and transport them to a recycling center.  Monkibú is now an established “punto verde” (recycling center) and will continue accepting recycling donations, however all proceeds collected from today’s event and through June 15th will be donated to MOJOCA – Movimiento de jóvenes de la calle.  MOJOCA is an organization in Guatemala City working in the streets with children of the streets.  Many of the children involved in Voz de las Calles and Becoming Fools are children that participate in MOJOCA’s programs.  Their work features 5 stages in which children from the streets attend school, participate in vocational training, work for an income, gain independence and reinsert themselves into society.  Benefits from Voz de las Calles and Becoming Fools will go to continue this vocational training at MOJOCA.

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