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Today it stuck me – we have two weeks left to raise our Kickstarter goal so we can tell this story. This reality keeps me up at night.
I started thinking back to try to remember why and how we got to this point today. I thought through the last several months and all of the work we have put into this campaign since May. I thought back further to the story pre-production which began in January. I thought back further yet to the joy we experienced when we shared Reparando in Guatemala City last November … and the pain we shared when we met these kids who live in the streets.
To be honest, I am tired. I’m really, really tired … physically and emotionally. I think back at all of the sleepless nights I have had over the past year and wonder if I truly am a fool for believing in this story? Sometimes, my head answers this rhetorical question with a resounding, “YES, you are a fool. Give up. You can’t do this!” And … for a moment, I want to throw in the towel and call it quits. But then I remember WHY we want to tell this story – because it is MORE than just a story.
I want to tell this story because even though I CAN’T sleep, I HAVE A BED TO SLEEP IN. Tonight, thousands of children will fall asleep on the pavement in some dark alley. Tonight, thousands of children will cling to the underbelly of an overpass to stay out of the rain. Tonight, thousands of children will sniff glue to try to forget the violence plaguing their hearts and the rumbling of their empty stomachs.
Tonight, while this is happening, I choose to ignore the doubt. I choose to continue to run this race strong to the end and not give up hope that this story CAN be told. Over 2600 people have liked our project. If all of these people backed Becoming Fools, we would be probably be at our goal.
Tonight, I pray that you will make a pledge and choose to join us in Becoming Fools. If you already have backed this project, thank you! Please continue to tell people why this is more than a story.
We are just under 30% with 15 days left. Make a pledge today.

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