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Daily Infographic released a post about micro-loans and how they are changing the economic landscape of impoverished countries. This caught our eye because we saw micro-loans first hand during the production of Reparando. In fact, we even included a short as extra content  on the Reparando DVD that covers micro-loans and micro-financing. You can see a sample of that content here.

Micro-Enterprise from Athentikos on Vimeo.

But the infographic doesn’t portray all pretty roses for the micro-loans processes. It also shows how this opportunity for many in poor regions of the globe can be taken advantage of. However, it’s up to us to partner with these organizations who are advocates for this economic process to create and put into action the opportunities to make micro-loans and micro-financing a benefit that flourished among all countries.

The fact is, most microloans are paid back in-full. Small business is how most citizens of third-world countries make a living.

Read the full article here!

Micro-loans: Infographic Shows How They Change the World

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