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Thank you for backing Becoming Fools!

We received a $10,000 check today. With that we’ve raised over $100,000!
Unfortunately we did not reach our goal of $150,000, therefore NO MONEY will be transferred due to Kickstarter’s policies. But we are not giving up. With your help, this film can still get underway …
We want to move forward with this important film and will begin production in November.
Please make your donation directly through our website at
Together, we will build on the momentum that has been set in motion the last few weeks and tell this story to ignite a movement to impact the lives of homeless children around the globe.
We will honor the incentives promised to you and keep you updated through our website and bi-monthly emails. If you would like to maximize funds available towards production you can opt out of your incentive.
Please note, after today our Kickstarter project will close and we will not be able to contact you through this page. (But the good news is that we will save money by not having to pay the Kickstarer fee!)
If you have any questions, please email us at And please remember to sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter to receive updates about this project.
Thanks for joining us in Becoming Fools,
Scott and Amelia Moore

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