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At Athentikos, we expose needs through inspiring stories. Becoming Fools is an inspiring story. Part of our model is to use our web site to connect audiences to organizations responding to specific issues .. in this case the issue of homeless youth.
We are partnering with several organizations responding to the issue of homeless youth to seek their expert advice. Additionally, Athentikos will direct people towards these organizations to facilitate response to the story. One such organization is At Risk No More.
At Risk No More (ARNM) is committed to bring God’s love and justice to children at risk by providing a community filled with unconditional love and forgiveness. ARNM seeks to create ways for these desperate children to receive healing and wholeness through Rescue, Refuge, and Released based ministry initiatives. ARNM seeks to develop partnerships with churches and other organizations in order to effectively minister to these desperate children. Currently ARNM assists to facilitate placement of youth living on the streets into rehab centers in Guatemala… and so much more!
We have established a deep relationship with the Executive Directors, Bill & Donna Tepstra and are inspired by their hearts and passion for at risk children. Last November, the Athentikos team visited the street youth in Guatemala City with Bill & Donna. We have spent a lot of time with them in their home of western Michigan.
Thank you to Bill & Donna & the ARNM team for sharing in this vision, for your example of serving others and for your support and encouragement.

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