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We’re 48 days into the campaign with two days left to raise our goal … and we have a ways to go to get there. I can remember other times in my life when things seemed impossible. During times like these, I like to go back and read old journal entries that describe road blocks … and detours. They put things in perspective.
On March 4, 2005, After years of wrestling with infertility, I wrote in my Journal:
“I believe in a God of miracles … Lord, my prayer has been ‘If it is your will, then please give us a child’. I want to take risks and be bold in my faith. So as a result, I am changing my prayer. From now on, my prayer is, ‘Lord, please give us a child’. I pray this with expectation of your faithfulness … So much so, that I am leaving space here to write down the date when we receive a child to be able to document your your love and grace.”
On May 11, 2006, Amelia and I flew to Guatemala to receive our son Micah. I sat in seat 16 C and was so excited I couldn’t even write. We celebrated Mother’s Day in Guatemala City with our son a few days later. It was the best Mother’s Day present ever!
Amelia and I were heartbroken in 2005 and it seemed impossible. But I am glad we walked through the realm of impossibility together. And, I’m glad we wrote down the details of our journey – including the depth of our despair. Not so we could focus on the negative, but to illuminate the fact that we didn’t go from the depth of despair to miraculous joy on our own.
Perspective is everything. We can look back and remember, why we started a journey… and why we should keep going. It also helps us remember that we are not alone in this journey … and that the fruit along the way is not only for our own enjoyment.
I decided to get a little perspective. So, I went back and started watching our documentary Reparando. Much like Becoming Fools, there were times during production of Reparando when we didn’t think we could make it. There were times when we were exhausted, laying on the floor … crying for help. But we kept walking on this journey. And, although it was tough … the fruit of that project is exponentially and eternally greater than the sum of the effort we put into it.
I would like to share the first 7 minutes of Reparando with you as a reminder of what is possible and why we continue this journey. Over 4,000 people have liked this project. If everyone who liked it would back it, we would have more than we need to make our goal.
If you have not yet backed this project, I ask you to join us. Make a pledge today and ask your friends to do the same. We can enjoy the journey together. The fruit is sweet.


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