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After spending time in Antigua at a YWAM site, Guy Crook contacted Athentikos to share his response to Reparando.   He expressed his passion for Athentikos and Reparando, after having seen Reparando while on a mission trip in Guatemala last year.  YWAM Antigua‘s mission is to know and love God and make Him known in Antigua, Guatemala and the nations.  YWAM Antigua uses Reparando to educate their students on the history of Guatemala and to paint a picture of “hope and inspiration of what one life can do to make a difference,” says Bruce Ahlberg, Director of YWAM Antigua.
Guy watched Reparando on a small group visit to YWAM Antigua.  He shared with us how emotionally moved he was by the film.
“I was moved to tears.” – Guy Crook.
“…I bought a copy on line from you guys, and have shown it to several brothers and sisters.  Every time I see it, I am deeply moved, considering myself one of those trophies of grace.  I was a piece of trash that Jesus Christ cleaned up for His use.  My name is Crook, which is a respectable English name after the shepherd’s crook.  However I am a thief, of the worst kind.  I stole sixty years from God, serving myself for my glory.  Now I am seventy one years old and know what I want to do when I grow up.  I will serve the One who created me for the rest of my days.”
Thinking of ways to help spread the word and continue touching more lives, Guy shared with us a creative merchandise idea, “I think there would be a market for black tee shirts with “Trophies of Grace” printed on them in white.”
We love hearing stories of how Reparando has touched lives and inspired people to respond!! Please share your story with us:
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