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by Amy Franks
Massachusetts, USA
I’ve been meaning to watch ‘Reparando’ for a long time. This month, we finally watched it and were totally blown away. I mean, I knew from watching some of your other stuff, that it would be a good story with excellent production value, but it exceeded even my highest expectations. I loved it! The historical background, the people you interviewed from that forensics organization, Maria the doll repairer, the people of La Limonada, and of course, Tita and Shorty, who are awesome, for lack of a less hackneyed term, although “awesome” is exactly what they are, in the true sense of the word. I reccomeneded the DVD on to my mom and dad and several others in my family.
I’ve been watching a ton of documentaries lately, from Frontline to political documentaries to David Attenborough, so I fancy myself something of an amateur connoisseur, and I think yours ranks among the best. Sometimes I get uncomfortable with overt Christian proselytizing, which can easily spillover into moral righteousness, but I found that Reparando was not like that at all. It tells the stories of people who I think of as the best kind of Christians: caring, humble, hard-working, and hopeful. Reparando is an amazing achievement, not only the ministry of those people in the film, but yours as well. Thank you for your hard work!

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