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“To say that it was ‘spot on’ and a blessing is to understate its impact and the work of the Holy Spirit in our training room.”

These are the words from Ed Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Healing Waters, after sharing Reparando with several ministry partners.  Ed shares, “I wanted to present something that helped us unite in Spirit and passion.”

Healing Waters, The Pier Institute, Adventures in Ministry and Children’s Hope Chest watched this film and discussed topics in the film that relate to their own ministries.  “The core theology of the film speaks volumes to all of us in ministry,” Ed said.

Healing Waters is an organization that partners with churches and other organization to provide a sustainable supply of clean water in places where poverty and contaminated supplies of water prevail.  Healing Waters also strives to provide education on health and business strategies to further assist and equip these ministries.
Other organizations, including Compassion International, will also join in watching this film this month and participating in the discussion as efforts are made to learn and grow ministries making a difference around the world.  Although Reparando is a unique story about Guatemala, the inspiration and work of God through struggle that Reparando shares can also be seen in many other countries.
Thank you to Healing Waters and the other ministries involved, for building relationships and sharing in discussion about Reparando and the hope that exists even through struggle and opposition.

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