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Can We Have Your Trash?

Trash is not something many people want or collect.  However, Sweden imports waste from other countries and is now running into the problem that there is just not enough trash.  Sweden imports trash to turn into electricity and power, and because of their efficiency in converting trash to power and need for more waste, Sweden […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Athentikos opens online store to raise awareness and resources for Guatemala. Nashville, TN—Athentikos opens their online store with the sale of ‘Reparando’, a documentary on Guatemala’s struggle to repair itself and its people following a 36-year civil war. 80% of proceeds from the DVD will be invested into Micro-Enterprise efforts in Guatemala. […]

Beauty In The Midst Of Chaos

By Jonathan Porta FreedomGuatemala Guatemala City, Guatemala I love how God is in the business of redeeming the beauty found in the midst of our chaos. How He rescued us from our mess, and now we can bear witness to what He has done. The 2 weeks of premieres in Guatemala were some of the […]

Waking Dream

by Scott Moore NASHVILLE, TN Have you ever had a dream in which people from various places and times of your life are woven together into a magical story that makes sense to the subconscious but seems impossible when you wake? I have lived this waking dream. This is my seventh trip to Guatemala. On […]

A 99% God!

Certainly it was going to take a good year, 18 months for momentum for the film began picking up. This was my sentiments as we wrapped up the film a few months ago. I was hoping to be able to concentrate on my other projects and jobs I had lined up waiting for me to […]