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We are super excited to offer these gorgeous “Trophies of Grace” photographic prints! Shorty states at the end of the ‘Reparando’, “We are God’s trophies of grace.” This statement has been so inspirational to us that we wanted to depict it through a photographic series.  These stunning “The Trophies of Grace” prints each represent a key theme in the ‘Reparando’ film. The images are photographs treated in post production and printed on metallic paper to depict a “trophy” material. You can now purchase the following prints in our store. They are available in two sizes: 12×18 and 16×24. Each print is mounted on thick mat board. Photography by: Amelia Moore, Stephanie Jager and Mary Hooper. Art Direction & Post Production by Scott Moore.

The Baptism

La Escuelita

La Limonada

Discovering Grace

Our View

Our Walk


My Work

mi muñeca

The Touch




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