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Am I a Product of My Decisions or Circumstances?

I recently read a quote that said, “I’m not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.” That phrase has been like a splinter buried in my skin, constantly irritating and demanding attention. I’ve wrestled with it over and over and tried to figure out why it bothers me. Then, it dawned […]

Real Social Innovation … Straight from TED Talks

Real Social Innovation ... Straight from TED Talks

In 2008, Athentikos was founded through a calling of authentic response to tell inspiring stories of hope through the art of story.  Over the years, we have sought to do so in a way that is self-sustaining.  But now, as we begin the process of marketing our second documentary, Becoming Fools, we are unfortunately little […]

Why do we keep marching forward in something that seems so foolish?

Why do we keep marching forward in something that seems so foolish? Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I am just stubborn or stupid. Either way, we are foolish for marching forward. Today, I finally finished editing Becoming Fools … and …  we received our first response back from a film festival in which we submitted […]

ValorArte: Value Art, Value Yourself

Athentikos I Am Art Initiative

Crayons, paint, markers, LEGOs, banners, theatre, games, masquerade party, water balloon volleyball, swimming, screaming, singing, dancing and being free to be yourself: all beautiful memories from last year’s Art Camp and hopes for this year’s camp, ValorArte.  ValorArte, the name of this year’s Art Camp is a play on words in Spanish. “Valor” means “To […]

Behind the Scenes: Production Clothing

Behind the Scenes Production Clothing

A couple of weeks ago I posted on my blog about the clothing I chose to use while in Guatemala filming “Becoming Fools.” So I thought I’d share this article here to give you a little more of a behind the scenes look (more so than others!) of what goes into filming a documentary. Here’s […]

The Big Sleep 2012

The Big Sleep 2012

During Becoming Fools production in Guatemala, I think everyone on the Athentikos team thought at one time or another what it would be like to live in the streets.  We developed close relationships with so many kids who didn’t have to imagine because the streets had been their home for so many years.  This week […]

Tired, Loco, Busy…

By: Matt Eldredge In preparing for my return trip to Guatemala to help on production for Becoming Fools, I heard a lot of keywords of what to expect like tired, loco, busy, long, tired, hectic, tired, etc…I tried to plan ahead with which audio adapters to bring and just be mentally ready for the hard […]

A Moment of Applause Fills the Soul

Nothing fills the soul like applause. As the receiver and the giver. So many emotions flood that one moment: the sense of accomplishment, the sorrow of the end, the struggle of the hard work and the desire for more. It is reflection of countless hours of rehearsal and sacrifice; and of the belief that you […]

Welcome to the A-team, Brandon

We are very excited to welcome our new intern, Brandon Rojano, to the A-team.  He is working on his media production degree at the University of Houston, and has volunteered about 6 weeks of his summer to help us with video update stories in Guatemala.  We would like to give him this chance to introduce […]

LEGO awards Athentikos grant for La Limonada Art Camp

We are super excited to share this news with you: Athentikos received $4,000 from LEGO to support Art Camp in La Limonada the slum area featured in ‘Reparando.’ La Limonada is one of Latin America’s largest, most dangerous slums in Guatemala City, La Limonada. The LEGO headquarters in Denmark awarded Athentikos a $4,000 grant in […]