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A Filmmaker's Response to Film Festivals

Film festivals are a mixed bag when it comes the effectiveness of exposure for a film. On one hand, getting your film shown at a film festival instantly gains you a laurel, you know, one of those leafy little graphics wrapped around the film festival name. You’re proud to show it off on any postcard, movie poster […]

The Official Becoming Fools Movie Trailer

Drum roll, please …. After much anticipation, we are thrilled to release the official Becoming Fools Movie Trailer. We’re not yet finished with the film, but we’re close. It’s in the final phase of post-production: coloring, music, mixing, animation, art, and credits. After a year of pre-production and research, 6 months of production and 6 […]

Behind The Scenes: Cameras!

Behind The Scenes: Cameras!

I recently created and published a video talking about one of the cameras we used on the ‘Becoming Fools’ production, the Canon C300. I got such a great response I decided to also publish it here as well. I know it’s more of a tech type video but I added quite a bit of behind […]

Why do we keep marching forward in something that seems so foolish?

Why do we keep marching forward in something that seems so foolish? Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I am just stubborn or stupid. Either way, we are foolish for marching forward. Today, I finally finished editing Becoming Fools … and …  we received our first response back from a film festival in which we submitted […]

Grand Rapids Radio Interview

Scott and I (Bobby were up in Grand Rapids, Michigan talking with people and organizations who are well acquainted with Athentikos and the film “Reparando.” While up there, the radio station WCSG invited us to come in and talk a little bit about Becoming Fools. John Balyo and his co-host Amanda were gracious enough to […]

Behind the Scenes: Production Clothing

Behind the Scenes Production Clothing

A couple of weeks ago I posted on my blog about the clothing I chose to use while in Guatemala filming “Becoming Fools.” So I thought I’d share this article here to give you a little more of a behind the scenes look (more so than others!) of what goes into filming a documentary. Here’s […]

The Big Sleep 2012

The Big Sleep 2012

During Becoming Fools production in Guatemala, I think everyone on the Athentikos team thought at one time or another what it would be like to live in the streets.  We developed close relationships with so many kids who didn’t have to imagine because the streets had been their home for so many years.  This week […]

Hot or Cold? Challenges in Any Weather

Hot or Cold? Challenges in Any Weather

Homelessness is a global problem.  Unpredictable and harsh conditions create unique challenges in each climate for people living without shelter.  Even the weather here in Tennessee can be challenging to the homeless population. Although the specific focus of Becoming Fools is concerned with homeless youth in Guatemala City, but our hope is that Becoming Fools […]

Welcome to the A-team, Brandon

We are very excited to welcome our new intern, Brandon Rojano, to the A-team.  He is working on his media production degree at the University of Houston, and has volunteered about 6 weeks of his summer to help us with video update stories in Guatemala.  We would like to give him this chance to introduce […]