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Becoming Fools at Sundance, What?

Becoming Fools at Sundance, What?

I should start right off by saying, no, Becoming Fools did not get into the Sundance Film Festival… well, not as an official selection that is. The long story short is, Canon, the world renown camera maker, contacted us through their marketing firm and had seen some of the work I had done with one […]

A Fools Guide to sharing Becoming Fools

We understand it can be overwhelming with all of the different social networks and all the ways to share something, even when you’re eager to share it! And we know many of you have asked us, “how can I spread the word about Becoming Fools?” So we decided to make it easy for you. Below […]

A Filmmaker's Response to Film Festivals

Film festivals are a mixed bag when it comes the effectiveness of exposure for a film. On one hand, getting your film shown at a film festival instantly gains you a laurel, you know, one of those leafy little graphics wrapped around the film festival name. You’re proud to show it off on any postcard, movie poster […]

The Official Becoming Fools Movie Trailer

Drum roll, please …. After much anticipation, we are thrilled to release the official Becoming Fools Movie Trailer. We’re not yet finished with the film, but we’re close. It’s in the final phase of post-production: coloring, music, mixing, animation, art, and credits. After a year of pre-production and research, 6 months of production and 6 […]

Why do we keep marching forward in something that seems so foolish?

Why do we keep marching forward in something that seems so foolish? Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I am just stubborn or stupid. Either way, we are foolish for marching forward. Today, I finally finished editing Becoming Fools … and …  we received our first response back from a film festival in which we submitted […]

A Moment of Applause Fills the Soul

Nothing fills the soul like applause. As the receiver and the giver. So many emotions flood that one moment: the sense of accomplishment, the sorrow of the end, the struggle of the hard work and the desire for more. It is reflection of countless hours of rehearsal and sacrifice; and of the belief that you […]

Cables, Stories, Friends & Hope

By: Hubert Bendfeldt Guatemala City, Guatemala Some of the “A” Team: Jonathan, Major, Darlene, Hubert, Scott, Matt, Cesar, Katie, Tyler, Tina & Amelia It’s hard for me to write a post about a trip that meant so much for me. As a Guatemalan, it was a privilege to be part of the Athentikos team. I […]

Our Guate Family

By Amelia Moore Nashville, TN (written in Guatemala City) A little back story if you are new to our blog: This trip is exciting for me because we are premiering our documentary film project, “Reparando.” My husband, Scott, and I have lead a team of volunteers for two and half years to produce a 70-minute […]

Hope IS Rising

By Emily Sutherland Nashville, TN This is my first trip to Guatemala, and I have been overwhelmed. This country is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful and the stories that we are hearing are beautiful. I am still processing what we experienced Thursday (the 6th day of our trip). It began with […]

New Stories

By Susan Marko I am sitting in a school auditorium in Guatemala City as middle and high school students view the Reparando film for the first time.  Shorty and Tita are sitting in the room with us and I am, once again, moved to tears. This trip is my first time in Guatemala, but I […]