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During Becoming Fools production in Guatemala, I think everyone on the Athentikos team thought at one time or another what it would be like to live in the streets.  We developed close relationships with so many kids who didn’t have to imagine because the streets had been their home for so many years.  This week one of our friends is going to figure out just what it is like to live in the streets by participating in The Big Sleep 2012.
While in Guatemala, the Athentikos team had the amazing opportunity to meet David and Julia Voncannon.  The Voncannon’s started an organization called The Street Revolution out of their desire to bring transformation to the homeless community, prostitutes, children at risk, and drug addicts who are living on or spend the majority of their time on the streets of Guatemala City.  In the production of Becoming Fools, Athentikos was connected with David and Julia.  We had an unforgettable experience with them.  David and Julia guided us to several different areas throughout Guatemala City where street children live.  At each location, David and Julia were met with open arms and the deep relationships they had formed with these people living on the streets was undeniable.
The Big Sleep 2013 
The Big Sleep 2013

The Big Sleep 2012

As every other week the Voncannon’s work continues this week.  However David is taking it to another level by participating in a 24-hour Street Sleep.  The Big Sleep 2012 is a 24-hour period where David and a few other missionary friends will live in the streets just as the street youth do.  From Friday, October 5 to Saturday October 6, David and friends will be staying with a group of street children in the streets of Guatemala City.  They will have no food, only water for the 24-hour period.  Although 24 hours is no match for a lifetime in the streets, we look forward to hearing about David’s experience and the insight he gains about how to help youth living in the streets.
Please join us as we support David and Julia Voncannon, and others participating in this event.
For more information visit: The Big Sleep 2012.

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