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A couple of weeks ago I posted on my blog about the clothing I chose to use while in Guatemala filming “Becoming Fools.” So I thought I’d share this article here to give you a little more of a behind the scenes look (more so than others!) of what goes into filming a documentary. Here’s a little from the article:

On my last trip to Guatemala back in June to DP the documentary of Becoming Fools, a new film by Scott Moore and the Athentikos team, I made some changes to my clothing choices that proved to be very effective. The results of my decision has proved to me what an asset good quality clothing can be on any film or video production. Thus, I thought I’d share!
Let me preface by saying I am not paid to endorse REI, Vibram, Mountain Hardware, Kuhl, Arc’teryx or any other brand mentioned in this article!
Ok, I’ve got that out of the way, let’s continue!

I’ve always been careful about my clothing selections to wear on production day. Whether I was outside or inside, cool weather or warm, it’s always been important to me to be as comfortable as possible. Being comfortable allows me to focus on my tasks easier and helps me have a better attitude on set.
So, when it came time for me to travel back to Guatemala, the two things I knew I would encounter were rain and heat. Now, it doesn’t get too hot in Guatemala, average temps range from 70’s and 80’s for the highs and 50’s and 60’s for the lows, even in June. But being higher in altitude, even at 85 degrees, that sun can quickly feel like you’re baking if you’re outside all day. In the past I’ve been careful about choosing light clothing to wear, but I always felt there was a better choice. This is why I turned to REI.

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Behind the Scenes Production Clothing

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